They are Superhuman!

The Sakura-michi International Nature Run is an ultramarathon to honor Sato Ryoji. He was a bus driver who used to drive along the road from Nagoya to Kanazawa. He planted 2000 cherry trees along the road because he wanted to connect the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan. People started an ultramarathon 30 years ago in his memory. The race was 250 kilometers and went from Nagoya to Kanazawa. The best runners finished in about 26 hours. Those people were superhuman! This year is different. Because the volunteers are getting old, the sponsors decided to make this the last race. They also shortened the course to 110 kilometers, from Nagoya to Gujo City in Gifu Prefecture. Last year’s best male and female runners won this year, too. 110 is a lot less than 250, but anyone who can run 110 is still superhuman to me. (146 words)