The Cuckoo

The heavy rainfall and thunder of yesterday evening was over, and this morning’s sunshine was clear and bright. Around 6 a.m. I heard a bird calling “Cuckoo, cuckoo,” again and again. It was a cuckoo. “Where are you? On top of a tree or a steel power line tower? I can’t see you.” But I’m happy the cuckoo has come through our part of Tokyo this year too. It reminded me of one day some decades ago. It was the last Monday morning in May. I heard the cuckoo’s song and told my son. He was in the first grade. At supper. he said, “Our head teacher talked about cuckoos in school today.” I was happy because he was interested in the birds. Now his daughter is the same age. I hope she will watch, listen to, and feel nature, too.   (141 words)