The Answers to the Watermelon Quiz!

Here are the answers to yesterday’s watermelon quiz.
(1) Where were watermelons first grown?
Scientists believe that the first watermelons were grown in Egypt about 5000 years ago.
(2) What percent of a watermelon is just water?
92%. When you eat a watermelon, you are eating mostly water.
(3) Which is from the same family as the watermelon?
The cucumber is from the same family. The melon family includes zucchini and pumpkins, too.  
(4) When people explored new countries, how did they use the watermelon?
They used it to carry water. A watermelon can hold a lot of water.
(5) Which country grows the most watermelons now?
China is the biggest producer of watermelons. It grows about 20 times more watermelons than the next country, Turkey.   (126 words)