Only Time Will Tell

The number 200 is very important to pitchers in baseball. Only the best pitchers can win 200 games in their professional careers. In the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, 24 pitchers have won 200 or more games. Between the Japanese leagues and Major League Baseball in the U.S., there were only two Japanese pitchers with 200 or more wins. The first was Nomo Hideo with 201 career wins. The second was Kuroda Hiroki with 203 career wins. Now there is another pitcher with 200 wins, Darvish Yu. He won his 200th game last Sunday. He is pitching very well this season, so I think he is going to break Kuroda’s record soon. How far will he go? 210 wins? 220 wins? Or more? Only time will tell.  (127 words)