Meeting My Idol

Are you a fan of a famous athlete, actor, or singer? I am a big fan of a tap dancer named Hideboh. A lot of people know him from the 2003 movie “Zatoichi” directed by Beat Takeshi. Takeshi plays a blind samurai in the Edo period, and there is a lot of sword fighting, but the movie ends with a festival. A drummer pounds out the rhythm, while Hideboh, playing a farmer, leads a large group of men and women in kimonos and wooden geta in an incredible tap dance number. On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by Hideboh. He is not only a great dancer but a great teacher, too. After the workshop, he did a talk show with my regular tap dance teacher. They shared memories and talked about all the celebrities that had studied tap dance under Hideboh, including, of course, Beat Takeshi.   (150 words)