How Did You Celebrate Children’s Day?

May 5 was Children’s Day. How did you celebrate it? My children are both grown up, and my granddaughter is already a high school student, so we usually don’t do anything special on Children’s Day. This year, we did eat “kashiwamochi.” There are many different kinds of sweets in Japan, so why did they choose to eat “kashiwamochi” on Children’s Day? I looked it up and found that the leaves of the “Kashiwa,” or the Japanese emperor oak tree in English, are a little special. They don’t fall until the new leaves start to come out. People want to be like the Japanese emperor oak tree because they want their children to be born and grow up before they die. Then they can pass their things and their knowledge on to their children. Just be careful when you eat “Kashiwamochi. Don’t eat the leaf around it.(148 words)