A Watermelon Quiz

If you go to the store, you will find a lot of watermelons. They are in season now. How much do you know about watermelons? I have a quiz for you.

(1) Where were watermelons first grown?
a. In China   b. In India  c. In Egypt  d. In Spain
(2) What percent of watermelon is just water?
a. 75%  b. 84%  c. 92%  d. 99%
(3) Which of these is from the same family as watermelons?
a. The papaya  b. The banana  c. The tomato  d. The cucumber
(4) When people exploring new countries found watermelons, how did they use them?
a. To eat in like a bowl  b. To carry water in like a canteen  c. To wear on your head
like a hat  d. To sit on like a chair
(5) Which country grows the most watermelons now?
a. China  b. India  c. Egypt  d. Spain      (148 words)